Advisors: Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Verena V. Hafner, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard

Stella Alice Schlotter

Stella joined the team in 2013 and became involved in almost every aspect of the code and experimentation. Since 2018 she supports the team as co-teamlead. Currently she focuses on onboarding new members and making remote participation in the team easier.

Heinrich Mellmann

Heinrich is on the team since 2004. Back than it was the AiboTeamHumboldt using the four legged robots Aibo for their research.

Natalya Deprez

Natalya joined the team in 2023 and since then worked on building up kubernetes infrastructure for analyzing large scale log data and building a machine learning platform on top of it.

Max Patzelt

Max is a Computer Science student who joined the RoboCup Team in 2023 and is working on ball detection as part of his Masters Thesis.


Markus Daniel Mayer

Currently working on his bachelor thesis in which he develops a neural network that should predict robot states like lifted up, fallen, standing or collision based on IMU and Hall effect sensor data.


Philipp Strobel

Member since 2016 and active in all areas of the team, with the main focus on robot team strategy and simulation in Simspark1. Also maintainer of various Java tools2, some Python tools/package and other robocup specific projects3.


Anastasia Prisacaru

Anastasia is a Computer Science student who joined the RoboCup Team in August 2019 and has written her Bachelor Thesis about the humanoid robot Gretchen. As a part of her thesis, she assembeled the the first prototype of the Gretchen robot, programmed its first movements and documented the hardware and the software structure. She is currently supporting other students who work on improving Gretchen's hardware structure and programming its further movements as a part of their Semester Project.


Steffen Kaden


Thomas Krause


Previous Teammembers

Claas-Norman Ritter

Etienne Couque-Castelnovo

Peter Woltersdorf

Robert Martin

Sebastian Allmeier

Yigit Can Akcay