XABSL Editor

XabslEditor is a graphical editor for the "Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language" XABSL (see publication below [ 1 ]). It is implemented in Java and can run on every platform that supports Java (Windows, Linux, Mac, ...)

XabslEditor example.

Source code and download


List of the most important functions

  • running on all platforms (since it is written in Java)
  • its open source (all used components are open source to)
  • syntax highlighting
  • live view of the state graph
  • auto completion:
  • completion of symbols with parameters and enums
  • live documentation (generated from comments)
  • live syntax check (errors are red underlined, without of recompiling of the whole project)
  • tabs
  • jump to definition (a click on an used option opens the file were the option is defined)
  • build in compiler (ruby has not to be necessary installed)
  • search (in files and in the whole project)
  • unlimited undo/redo

Previous Versions


  1. M. Lötzsch, M. Risler, and M. Jüngel. Xabsl - a pragmatic approach to behavior engineering. In Proceedings of IEEE/RSJ International Conference of Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 5124–5129. Beijing, China, October 9-15 2006. 1